Re: NTLK Jot v Calligrapher v Newton

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 20:36:21 CDT

I in no way modified my handwriting. At all! I did
nothing to assist the Newt in understanding the full
extent of what it was I was trying to write. I write
in print (granted, only in one language) and I get at
least 98% recognition at all times! Certainly, I get
weird capitolization and such, but I have found that
the majority of Newton users do not use the inherrant
power of the Newton's built in dictionaries and the
user dictionary!
Here is my point. Let's say that your handwriting is
so bad that every time you write the word "the" it
turns out to be recognized as "tne" Well, go to the
user dictionary and use the expand feature to tell the
newt that whenever it sees "tne" to substitute "the".
There, no handwriting modification needed! I have
several hundred "expansions" in my personal dictionary
and as a result if I write "tne dag is wogging his
the Newt knows to translate that to "the dog is
wagging his tail" So you see, no matter how sloppy
your handwriting is, you can force the Newt to
recognize the correct word! Heck, I have 10 seperate
expansions for the word "the" alone! Everything from
"tne" to "t4e" expands to "the"!
So you see, with a little planning you can get the
Newt to recognize with amazing accuracy almost any
handwriting you wish! And if you have Gesture launch,
well, the sky's the limit! I haven't played with it,
but I saw it work once and was facinated by it. I
played with a similar program on the AT&T EO and felt
that this is the way to go! So, once again, the
machine proves that it removes the mundane from our
web/gadget guru

--- Michael Manthey <>
> On Tue, 06 Jun 2000 08:07:35 +0200, Karen wrote:
> >
> >I agree with Ed!!!!!!
> >
> >I used Graffiti and then Jot on my Palm V (for as
> long as I used it -
> >about 5 weeks, before putting it in the bottom
> drawer). They were BAD.
> Sorry to dissent, folks, but I don't quite agree on
> that one. I admire
> what Paul said, because it shows how deeply he
> understands the programming
> of it all. I am just a user, and my practical
> impression is this (all
> derived from personal observation on 5 different
> Newtons): There is no
> question that the Newton has a fascinating
> handwriting recognition.
> However - I do a lot of writing, most of it in
> German on my MP 2000, and
> under these circumstances the Newton is not quite
> perfect. The quality of
> the letter-by-letter recognizer diminishes
> noticeably if after writing in
> English for a while you switch back to German
> (somehow the built-in
> dictionary must be involved even in "print-mode"),
> and I also noticed that
> our green little friend reacts very nervously to
> wheather-changes, of
> which you have a lot in the Rhineland (in that
> respect we have sth. in
> common.) So, Graffiti was not that bad to my mind,
> it works quite well.
> and once you get used to the characters, you have an
> additional 3rd and in
> some instances more reliable recognizer. The
> built-in recognizer (I mean
> Rosetta, not Paragraph) yields best results in Notes
> and Dates (day-view),
> whereas it is somewhat capricious in Names and
> various dialogues. And let
> me just ask one blasphemous question: anyone here on
> the list, who didn't
> in some way adapt his or her handwriting to the
> Newton?
> Michael

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