NTLK Sudden death N restored system..

From: SUNG WOO LEE (lswgod@netscape.net)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 20:56:35 CDT

Hi, all
My MP130 was not turned on
I have obvious experience.
At the end of battery capacity;remained about 20% or so.
I turned on the backlit in order to discharge fully.
A miniute later, it gone as usual but never turned on.
I was so embarrased. I have tried on and on.
changing an new batteries only to fail.
Connecting adaptor was useless.
My MP130 was no respons.
and when I reset the unit, it woke up.
However the system update was gone.
Before reset it got 526206,the latest ROM Version 2.0
After reset it got 525314..??
But all of the information and packages in both internal and storage card were
safe and remain.
Of course I had reinstall the latest immediately.

Does anybody know why these occured?
or heard about?

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