Re: NTLK Sudden death N restored system..

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:06:17 CDT


> Hi, all
> My MP130 was not turned on
> I have obvious experience.
> At the end of battery capacity;remained about 20% or so.
> I turned on the backlit in order to discharge fully.
> A miniute later, it gone as usual but never turned on.
> I was so embarrased. I have tried on and on.
> changing an new batteries only to fail.
> Connecting adaptor was useless.
> My MP130 was no respons.
> and when I reset the unit, it woke up.
> However the system update was gone.
> Before reset it got 526206,the latest ROM Version 2.0
> After reset it got 525314..??
> But all of the information and packages in both internal and storage card were
> safe and remain.
> Of course I had reinstall the latest immediately.
> Does anybody know why these occured?
> or heard about?

If you let the Newton drains the battery completely, it goes into something like a "deep coma". The only way to awake it is to remove all batteries and let the unit for a couple of
hours. Put back a new set of batteries and try to power on. This is, BTW, all documented in the FAQ. Check it out at <>.

Also, I would advise you against using the backlight to drain the battery. The backlight decreases in efficiency over the time, so using it to drain the battery is, IMHO, not a good
idea. Try to use a modem to connect to the Internet instead if you absolutely need to drain the battery. However, as you have seen, draining the battery in a Newton has some

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