Re: NTLK Graffiti really accurate ?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 21:06:17 CDT

I used Grafiti eons ago with both my AT&T EO and my
Motorola Marco (Wireless networked Newton 110) It
sucked and I went back to the built-in recognition on
both devices!
If you think about it, your handwriting is a
reflection of your personality. Therefore if you
modify your handwriting, what effect will that have on
your personality?
I for one don't want to find out...I like myself the
way I am!
web/gadget guru

--- Frédéric Paché <> wrote:
> A good product for Palm computers is reviewed on
> this link:
> This is again a proof that Graffiti is certainly not
> the best HWR system...
> I have a Palm III (for months), so this is not an
> assumption. When I saw my
> Newton MP2000 clone understanding my own
> handwriting, I was like a child in
> a Christmas morning!

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