Re: NTLK Palm vs. Newton: A Metaphor

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 00:00:27 CDT

On 6/7/00 7:31 AM, Loren Finkelstein []

>You are thinking to small. Bypass the eye and go straight for a Neural

"Resistance is futile."
  - The Borg


(Sorry, my interest in technology ends when they start wanting to wire it
into my brain or eyes/ears/nerves). If it was to fix something, then
maybe....but not something like this. Brrrrr! Shivers!

>Just imagine, screen definition limited only by your imagination. Until
>now, I thought 1280x1024 on my desktop was good. :-)
>But beware of any E-Mail with the subject ILOVEYOU, for it will wipe out
>your childhood and replace it with a desire to shine Bill Gates shoes.
>> peter brigg wrote:
>>> The dream would be complete if the "new Newton" could do speech
>>> Input is still a crucial problem.
>> I hate the idea of speech recognition. This world is noise enough! TR,
>> thought recognition is the new direction! And why a display? A small
>> colour laser scanner, integrated in the frame of the sunglasses can
>> project the screen directly onto the retina. This intermediate step is
>> necessary, because we can't feed in the pictures directly into the eye
>> nerves, at the moment.
>> --
>> Regards / Viele Gruesse
>> Marco Mailand

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