NTLK Palm vs. Newton: A Metaphor

From: T.M. Camp (tmcamp@fusionary.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 15:29:51 CDT

Talking with a friend earlier today, I came up with the following thought.
He used an eMate at work off and on for a few months, so he's familiar with
the Newton OS. To get ready for grad school, he bought a Visor this past
weekend and really likes it. The eMate couldn't persuade him to give up his
Franklin Planner, but the Visor has. We were discussing various features of
each and I came up with this...

Newtons are the LPs of the PDA world. They're good, but their time is done.
Yet people hang on to them, and users seem to be fiercely loyal to them even
after they've bought something else.

But the Palm is an 8-track or a cassette. It's a stopgap created by an
industry without a real innovation to fill the need. Sure they're
everywhere, but not for long. No one will miss it once the CD player shows

And I can't imagine what the DVD equivalent of a PDA will be.

Just a thought,

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