Re: NTLK Palm vs. Newton: A Metaphor

From: James Simons (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 13:20:30 CDT

>And I can't imagine what the DVD equivalent of a PDA will be.
>Just a thought,

>>I can imagine:

>>The DVD equivalent of a PDA (the 2100 is already the CD equivalent ;-)
>>would be a slimmed down Newton 2100 (which with today's more improved PDA
>>tech and newer battery tech COULD be made about the size of the present
>>PALM units, only ALL SCREEN with only a slim bezel.

well, you need to look at this..

true, it is a design study.. ( hmm, doesn't the pen look familiar?)

this is what i am waiting for.. linux, color.. only slightly larger than the
2x00..(not a problem for me.) full blast linux, in color and runs on AA's..
plus it's Crusoe..

it's the HWR that i'm concerned with.. but, HWR on Linux should be decent..


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