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From: Khaled Tewfik (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 02:28:03 CDT

On Tue, Jun 6, 2000 Hai Ng wrote:

>It'll be great if I can download a bunch of pages, go through them and if
>I need to link out it'll dial my celluar modem.
>I have NetHopper now and I must say I'm not totally familiar with the
>interface so if there's a way to do that please let me know.
Are you kidding, you are talking about Newton technology here. when it comes to the internet on PDAs it set the Standard.

Who needs Avantgo, Use Nethopper and down load the pages you want to directly to your Newton. Those pages remain cached in your Newton memory and you can always review them offline to your harts content. Newton supported Offline Browsing Before Micro Soft Explorer did.

Want More, use Net Hopper scheduler package and the Newton will connect to tto Net while you sleep, get the pages you want (and send and receive mail while you are at it if you so wish) and hove it ready for you, sounds like Win 98 that come after Newton OS by years, right.

Wait there is more. Use Newts Cape or Luna Suite and you get much better internet experience and you can even specify down loading the whole 1-9 levels deep if you have the space. again, all that can happen while you sleep.

And with Newts Cape you can save the page as a package and beam it te a friend or for future reference.

Wow. ain't Newton great.
>From an Apple Newton Message Pad 2100.
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