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From: Paul Zenk (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 15:10:19 CDT

Peter Apockotos wrote:

> Is there a driver for the Focus TView Preso Card

Hi Peter:
Check out
I have one of these cards and from the readme file:

Read me:
Welcome to the EZShow Newton Driver.
Release 1.01


This driver supports the EZShow range of VGA, Composite and S-Video PC Card display products in the following Apple Newton Products; eMate 300, MP 2000 & MP 2100.

This distribution contains the following files:

    EZShowCard.pkg - The basic driver for eMate & MP products
                                                using EZShow PCMCIA products
    Readme - This file.


If you have used previous releases of EZShow drivers you should be sure that they are removed from your system - including the previous Mimic demo app.

Having removed all previous EZShow driver packages, load 'EZShowCard.pkg' into your Newton using NCU or Newton Package Installer and insert your EZShow card. You will see a card 'slip'
appear showing the name of the product and some product specific details. You will also see a control panel appear at the top of the screen, just to the right of the time & date.

Your Newton is now ready to display images via your attached display device (VGA, TV, S-Video or composite as appropriate). As installed, you can use your new EZShow card to display a
real-time copy of the Newton screen. You can turn on the screen display by tapping the left-most button on the newly displayed control panel. Tap this button again to stop the screen
display. The center button pauses the screen display whilst leaving the most recent image visible. The rightmost button can be used to drag the control panel into a more convenient
location as desired.

When you plug the card and connected to TV, you might see the image with flickering. In this case, simply tap twice left button of control panel, then image will become solid without

ote: You should have the latest system patches installed for your unit. For the MP2000 the latest patch is 717145 and for the eMate 300 it is 737041. (Look in Extras:[i]:Memory Info to
confirm your ROM version number). The driver works on the MP2100 as shipped.

How to run EZPresenter

Install EZPresenter.pkg firstly, and then Demo.pkg and NewtonDemo.ntk.pkg.

After plug the card into a slot, EZShow windows pops up automatically. Close it and open Extra Box to click EZPresenter Icon. Control panel will be disappeared and EZPresenter
screen with Slide/Note/Icon shows up and PowerPoint slide show up on the external screen (TV or VGA).

If you have flickering on the external screen, then close EZPresenter and start again to have solid image without flickering.

How to import the existing PowerPoint slides from Windows PowerPoint97

You need another application, which to be installed on Windows 95. You may ask us to email the file. Prepare email address for PC accesses.

What Next:

Now that you have an EZShow VGA PC Card and a Newton Driver you should check
out our web-site, <>, to find the latest Newton applications utilizing the card. EZPresenter, available from the web site, allows you to download and display
PowerPoint presentations directly from your Message Pad or eMate.

The driver implements the standard VGA interface defined by Apple, Inc. for the
support of external VGA devices. A number of utilities use this interface for the reproduction of graphics via external VGA.

EZPresenter Mac version is under plan and will let you know on our Web/News when it is available and by that time you may download file from our Web/Download.

Support & Information:

For further information or assistance you should contact:

When contacting EZShow support you should have ready:
        The driver release number you are using (available by tapping the EZShow Card Icon).
        The Newton device name and ROM version number (Extras:[i]:Memory Info)
         A full description of the problem.

Thank you for choosing EZShow.

EZShow Systems Inc
3713 E. 1st Ave
Burnaby V5C 3V6

Voice: 604-299-2033
Fax: 604-299-5118

Known Bugs & Limitations:

Release specific:

This release fixes a bug that sometimes caused the system to not recognize the card (with error -10059) on re-insertion of the card after a low battery condition.

Tapping the pause button immediately after tapping the display button in the control panel may result in a weird display. Untap the pause, stop and re-start the display. Hit pause only
after the initial display is visible.

When using the composite signal, turning off the display and re-enabling before the card has powered down can result in screen shifting or color test pattern. When using composite,
wait until the card has powered down before re-using.

Inserting a card whilst the card slip is displayed doesn't update the card slip.

Two card support:

Although the use of two EZShow cards in the MP2000 is not fully supported at this time, it is possible to use two EZShow cards. This enables simultaneous display on two screens (say
EZPresenter on one and the Newton screen on the other). Two-card usage currently has the following known bugs;

When the second card is inserted, its control panel overlays the first. You can move the panels to convenient locations, though there is no way, in this release, to determine which
panel controls which card. But you would know which one is which when you move the panel.


Do not use the driver from a PC storage card. Attempting to do so results in an error. The driver >MUST< be installed on internal flash.

Switching off the screen display via the control panel doesn't immediately turn off the screen. Power is removed some 30 seconds after the request has been made.

Low battery can cause your system to reset when the card is enabled. Make sure you use your adapter when running the card with low batteries.

When removing the card, the Newton may indicate that the card should be re-inserted. Re-insert the card and then remove it again. You should not be prompted the second time. Make sure
you have the latest patch loaded.

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