Re: NTLK I need Help! (long)

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 18:10:44 CDT

> the ink cartridge is for a HP THINKJET.. they are the same cartridge.. (i
> know, i have 4 diconix printers)
Exactly, Thinkjet was the name of that printer. We had it connected to our
HP8210 45GHz Network analyzer. And there was another ThinkJet for A3 folded
paper, which did not work with the Newton.

> Flavio, you can always get C-size NiCads and recharge them in an external
> charger, and use them in your diconix.. you know that they use batteries,
> right? that way you can check if it functions..
If you use accus an got the charger working, you can press all three buttons
at the same time and wait some seconds, till two LEDs start flashing. Then
you've successfully activated the recharge mode.

> look around on the Web for the AC Adapter.. you will most likely find the
> 115v/60hertz versions.. (i don't know what the standard is in brasil)..
The 50/60Hz is absolutely unimportant.

> the AC adapter has on it "INK JET PRINTER, MODEL AD-187, input:120v AC/60hz
> 14W, output 9V DC 1A" and it has a diagram showing that the plug is a center
> negative, and the outer ring is positive..
I have to check mine, but I believe it was 12V and plus in the center. 50%
Probablility that I'm right ;-)

> Mario,
> What driver are you using with the PrintPack and the Diconix??
> and is the output acceptable??

Best Regards / Viele Gruesse

Marco Mailand

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