NTLK I need Help! (long)

From: Flavio Ackel (flavioackel@ig.com.br)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 01:00:00 CDT

Hello all,

You know that nowadays it's very difficult to get some help with our
Everybody in this list is very nice and I get a lot of help here.
But I live in Brazil... And, as I sad before, can you imagine how
difficult is to find something here for my MP130?

I have a Motorolla 14.4 Modem and I can't use it with my Cell Phone,
cause Nokia (in Brazil) has no ideia of what I
am talking about when I ask for a cable.
I have a Memory Card (thanks to Mike King, our friend from the list. He
sent me as a gift and I sent him CDs with
some brazilian's music) cause nobody knew what a Flash Card is!

Well... I'm writing this because I need some help.

I want some accessories for my Newton, here is the list.
Some of them are VI (VERY important)

- (VI) A new pen (my pen was destroyed). I want the original collapsible
for the MP130, but I now it's hard to find one.
- (VI) A case to carry my MP. It can be Leather, or Nylon...
- (VI) A Newton AC power adapter or a Battery pack... I spent a lot of
money with alkalines.
- A cable to use my Nokia phone (6120 series) with Motorolla Modem (Is
this possible?)
- A cable to use my MP130 with my Kodak printer. (It's a portable
printer with the size of an A4 paper). It's Newton Print Pack, isn't
- A newton keyboard.

I know where to find some of this itens, but some sites (like PDA
Connection, that has most of those itens) doesn't send international

That's it.
Heeeeeeeeeelp :)


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