Re: NTLK Re: ? about sram card was newt.

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 00:10:26 CDT

Does this mean that the MP2000's internal memory is Flash since it can
retain data without power? In which case, do the older Newtons use SRAM
memory instead since they have a backup battery?

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia

> Yes, it is true that flash, being a form of eeprom, has a limited life.
> However, each flash cell (similar to a sector on a diskette) is good for
> something like 100,000 write cycles, and the flash hardware distributes
> writes so that optimally no cell is written a second time until all other
> unallocated cells are written once. The low-level flash manager will also
> automatically and transparently move data from static cells to dynamic
> cells to spread out the "wear" on the bank. In other words, it is not
> something to worry about unless your Newt is in a laboratory set up
> specifically to cause flash wearout.
> The one true benefit of SRAM over flash is that it is much faster on both
> read and write cycles.

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