RE: NTLK Disney Maps - Who wants it?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 02:14:58 CDT

How about posting a copy of the Disney Maps to Info-Newt for everyone to
have access to?

Anyone is welcome to do this with Newton files that get discussed here
that you want to share or others want copies of, SO LONG AS THEY ARE NOT
COMMERCIAL SOFTWARE. Only freeware, shareware and demoware please!
Anything else will be yanked as soon as I spot it. If you post
NewtonBooks, you're encouraged to post the source code too, or at least
post the books in formats for ALL available Newton models. Source code
for programs is appreciated too ;-)

To post files to Info-Newt, go to

and at the bottom of the page, use the little "form" to upload. Click
the Browse button and select the file you want to upload to our
contributions area. Then after you've selected the file and are back at
the web page, click the "upload" button. Most recent web browsers seem
to support this.

Send me e-mail at or when you
upload something and describe what it is you uploaded, please!

If you need ftp access instead, go DIRECTLY to the following address:

You can't navigate to the Contributions folder from elsewhere on the site
and upload, beccause you'll have logged in "anonymously" and don't have
upload access in an anonymous login; you must go directly the address
above FIRST in order to get the ID and password prompts that will allow
you upload access. When prompted for an id and password, use
"newtgifts" for both. This will place you DIRECTLY in the Contributions
directory of the site -- you won't SEE a Contributions directory --
you're already THERE. You can't see the rest of the ftp site if you log
in that way, either. Don't worry about finding the Contributions folder
using the above URL. It will take you to the right place. Just upload!

The following URL will also work to take you there AND log you in in one
step (in most web and ftp clients):">

(some may prompt for a password anyway; just use "newtgifts").

Bear in mind that anything you post in Contributions will be moved to a
more appropriate place on the site eventually, and also to for a few months, too, so don't count on
it staying where you uploaded it.

 - Bill

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>> Let me know who wants the Disney World Maps I've got and I can send by
>> email
>> Flavio

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