Re: NTLK Flash card formatting

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 01:54:35 CDT

On 6/10/00 12:37 AM, Red Ghost [] wrote:

>Maybe I am getting lazy... just got my hands on a Newton.. ok, I am late..
>but they were too expensive and I had no use for one until now..
>Waste no time.. have two MP 110, an MP 120, and a 2000 upgraded. Got a
>great deal on some Flashram cards... but they are IBM and seller was sure
>they are Linear.
>Problem is that I get an error when I insert the card and go to "Extras" and
>hit "Card". -- Unrecognised type of card.
>When I unlock, I get a message that I need to reinsert, or the data on the
>card will be lost.
>What is going on? How do I get the card to work with the MP?

I'm afraid you don't. If the cards don't work, they aren't linear. What
brand cards are they. Do you see "ATA" anywhere on them (if you do,
they're not linear.)

Only one thing you should check: there are two different voltages of
linear cards; 5v/12v (read/write) and 5v/5v. If you have 5v/5v they'll
work in the upgraded 2000, but NOT the 110 or 120 (which will work with
only 5v/12. The 5v/12v, though, should work in ANY of the Newton models
you say you have, so it'd doubtful that's what you have.

Did you try the cards in the 2000? If you did and they don't work...get
your money back for the cards.

Why'd you get so many? Once you use the upgraded 2000, aka 2100, you'll
never use any of the others <grin>. Trust me. I have an upgraded
Original Messagepad (aka MP100), an MP130, an upgraded 2000 and a "real"
2100. I really only use the two 2100's. (And no, I don't want to sell
any of the others...backups, you know...just in case.;-)

  - Bill

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