Re: NTLK Importing unix style mboxes?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 20:29:58 CDT

On 6/11/00 2:13 AM, Andrew Hunt [] wrote:

>Could someone tell me the best way to transfer unix style 'mbox' mail files
>to my Message Pad 2100? I'd like to be able to transfer selected mailboxes
>to my NP2100 at the end of the work day, then process (read/reply) the mail
>while sitting on the couch at home ;)
>This process is fairly easy to do on my PalmV by converting the mail box
>file to an MH folder then syncing with pilot-link via my Linux machine. BUT,
>since this is the only task that I'm still using my Pilot for, I'd like to
>figure out a way to accomplish this on my MP2100...
>I use Mac/Windows/Linux machines daily, so I'm not tied to any OS, nor am I
>tied to any Newton mail program. If it comes down to it, I'm not opposed to
>writing scripts to convert the mail to an intermediate form if that'll help,
>but I don't want to reinvent the wheel here.
>Any answers, pointers, or suggestions are most welcome!

I've never heard of any way for sure, since the email programs on the
Newton are direct-to-Internet stand alone email programs; they don't
require or use a PC to sync with like the Palm programs seem to.

HOWEVER - I think that the ORIGINAL version (not the current version) of
Eudora for the Newton DID work that way - it synced with Eudora on your
computer. I don't know that (a) my memory is correct, (b) if/where you
can still get it or (c) if it Eudora still works with it (d) if Eudora
can import Unix mailboxes (but I have a memory that it could).

Hope that helps. If it does, or you find some other solution, please let
us know here, I'm sure all us NewtonTalkers and my Info-Newt web site
readers would like to know.

 - Bill

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