Re: NTLK Importing unix style mboxes?

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 20:01:24 CDT

>HOWEVER - I think that the ORIGINAL version (not the current version) of
>Eudora for the Newton DID work that way - it synced with Eudora on your
>computer. I don't know that (a) my memory is correct, (b) if/where you
>can still get it or (c) if it Eudora still works with it (d) if Eudora
>can import Unix mailboxes (but I have a memory that it could).

        I eventually found the ancient version of Eudora for Newt which
would use Eudora 1.5.1 on the Mac desktop to send/receive mail. I don't
recall anything about using it to load standard format files. I suppose if
someone has written a script to let Eudora (desktop version) read unix
mailboxes, and the script worked with the old version Eudora which this app
needs, it might be a solution.

        After a lot of work to find it, I emailed one of the authors, and
he said a) it never worked super well b) expect data loss. Since my
purpose in looking for it was to find reliable email for my MP120, I never
did try it out based on that feedback.

        A moment while I rummage on the HD to see if I have it
around...yup, here's the readme. Keeping in mind that the authors (I think
I emailed with Scott G.) rather warned me off it, I can make it available
for ftp if anyone wants it. I would test it thoroughly before trusting it
in any capacity.

        Also be aware, Planetnewton and other sites have a .hqx file CALLED
EudoraLite for Newton but on unpacking it's the regular POP3 Eudora client,
which is a different thing than this bundle (and which made this bundle
HARD to find). Planetnewton may have fixed this by now, or may not- I did
mention it at one point on this list, also.

        Following find the readme for EudoraLite 1.0fc1 which needs desktop
Eudora 1.5.2 or earlier (or an equally old Windows Eudora 2.1.2). There is
also a .doc file with more description of settings.


Eudora Light
for Newton
Version 1.0fc1

First Off.....this is free software, and no support is provided. If bugs
and suggestions are sent to the addresses below, all efforts will be made
to correct the problem. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to the Eudora Light for Newton ! Eudora Light for Newton (ELFN) was
designed to extend Eudora's mail capabilities to include the Newton . You
have the ability to read mail, reply to, forward, and even create new mail
on your Newton. Once you return to your desktop machine, you connect the
Newton and all your outgoing mail on the Newton will be transferred to your
desktop Eudora and sent. In addition, you can have your desktop machine
setup with a modem and then call into your machine using your Newton (this
requires a Hayes compatible modem).

Please follow the instructions contained in the User Manual in order to
install ELFN.

This version of the software communicates ONLY with the desktop version of
Eudora. There is no provision for a direct connection to a POP server. We
have to reserve something for the commercial version, don't we...GRIN.

NOTE !!!!!
Eudora Connection will ONLY work with versions of Eudora 1.5.2 or 2.1.2 or
earlier. The current release of Eudora Pro has a bug in the Apple Event
handler that prevents the correct creating of mail. Sorry for the
inconvience, a new release of Eudora will be out soon, that corrects this
problem. Thank you for your patience.

We would like you to exercise this program as much as possible and report
bugs as soon as possible to us at: If
there is a feature you would like implemented, please send those requests
to Please use these addresses so we
know what we must focus on in the next few weeks.

To support your ease of communicating with us, choose About (from the info
button) in ELFN, you can then click on the appropriate button to have a new
message created for you.

Remember, Please direct all questions that aren't bugs or suggestions to:

Possible problems:
Problem: Newton runs out of memory.
Solution: If you receive the message that the Newton has run out of memory,
restarting may fix this, please send in a bug report indicating what you
did to come to this point. Also, indicate how many messages were in your
mailbox on the Newon. If you run out of storage space, get a larger storage
card. (No one said that mail was going to be small!)

Problem: Macintosh complains that the Table of contents is not the correct
Solution: Delete the mailbox's TOC file from the finder, and open the
mailbox in eudora and allow the rebuilding of the TOC. This should correct
this problem.

Problem: Mail in the Eudora Mailbox isn't being marked as read.
Solution: Insure the preferences selection for Marking downloaded mail as
read is indeed checked. Also, if Eudora has the mailbox open...i.e. the In
Box...the Table Of Contents (which contains the status info) will be
written to disk by Eudora...over writting any changes made by Eudora

Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation.

Scott Gruby
Jerry Pickering

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