Re: posting guidelines (was RE: NTLK Spreadsheet for 120?)

Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 06:46:34 CDT

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>are posts like this necessary? can anyone be bothered to get a
>'posting guidelines' document on planetnewton?
>>QFigure is a good one.

In a message dated 6/12/00 6:08:56 AM, writes:

>You know I can't believe the extent of the elitist snobbery there appears
>to be from some members of this list, it comes across as being somewhat
> of to anyone who is a newby to the Newt world.
>can the postmaster unsubscribe me please, since if this is the attitude
>of some of the members then the Newton is going to die and long slow painful
> death.....

A nice way to put this:
Dear Newbie,
    Many of us read this list via our Newtons. Please when replying to a post
only include the few lines needed to make your posting understandable.
Including all the text from a post is not necessary and is a real pain to us
reading on a Message Pad. It seems that everytime we get a new member this
happens. Please correct it.

Now both of you kiss and make up nice or I will take your stylus away.

Another e-list snob.

This Old Newt is trying to give another Dell Croswords Game card for Newton
But no one seems to want to answer the simple trivia questions. I cant
believe it.

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