Re: posting guidelines (was RE: NTLK Spreadsheet for 120?)

From: Donna Dolezal Zelzer (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 09:40:40 CDT

At 7:46 AM -0400 6/12/2000, spoke thusly:
>A nice way to put this:
>Dear Newbie,
> Many of us read this list via our Newtons. Please when replying to a post
>only include the few lines needed to make your posting understandable.
>Including all the text from a post is not necessary and is a real pain to us
>reading on a Message Pad. It seems that everytime we get a new member this
>happens. Please correct it.

And it's bad list etiquette on ANY list to include the whole post
(unless you're replying to it, section by section).

I really don't understand why people can't figure this out for
themselves. When I first came online it was pretty obvious that
replies that quoted the entire original message (which often quoted
another message, which quoted etc etc) were irritating to read, so I
didn't do it myself.

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