Re: NTLK argh! notes wreckt

From: Paul Lim (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 10:19:31 CDT

>Parting from the (very optimistic) notion that you made a backup of your
>Newton just before you started all of this:
>Erase all that's in your Newton (without a card inserted) and restore from
>your backup, should cure the problem.

I have a backup... but didn't have to use it thank god (<- read newton). =)

> > p.s. hrmmm... if it hasn't been apparent from the number of postings I'm a
> > 2-week old newbie to the newton... my 2100 rockz =))) thanks to all those
> > who have helped me out. (esp u chuckie =P)
>I do like newbies that aren't afraid ;-)

thanks robert!

it's a toy and it rockz =) not enough sensitive information on there yet
to get scared aboot =)

if I happen to be online, check: to see my NPDS in
action. Don't use the URL in the tracker cos it's an internal IP.

l8r p33pz =P


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