Re: NTLK GPSMaps (was: Disney Maps??)

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 09:36:50 CDT

Doug Fuss wrote:
> Marco, where are you traveling in the US? I have
> GPSMaps of Connecticut and Vermont if you're
> interested.
I'll go to California (SF, LA & SD) and on the way back I'll have 5 days
in NY but will probably explore the town only.
> Also, I'm planning a trip to Ireland and Paris this
> Summer. Do you, or others, have GPSMaps (i.e. made for
> GPSMaplite) of those locations?
I've created a GPSmap of the UK including Scotland but I don't remember
whether Ireland is on there too. And I've used it to plan my travel
routes with GPSmap. It was very good to estimate the length of the
planned routes with an error of about -10% (always a little bit to
short, because GPSmap takes the straight line between two points.) For
us was it anyway very helpful because the output was in kilometers and
not in miles :-)
Of course will I give the map away to anyone who is interested and I'm
also willing to include Ireland if it shouldn't be on there. However, in
reality there where much more places and streets then the 3MB map
showed... or in other words: the 1:1 000 000 scale is useful to find the
direction or get the right motorway but not much for navigation to the
last mile.

> our new 12 channel
> > version GPS PC Card (PCMCIA) system. Prices are FOB UK.
> > GPS PC Card 1-49 225.00US$
> > 50-199 175.00US$
> > 200 144.00
> This is a major price break through for PCMCIA card
> GPSes and an even bigger break through if we can buy
> them in quantity! Anyone interested?
> It's NMEA compliant so I assume it will work with the
> Newt but I can get one to test before ordering in
> quantity to make sure.
I'm slightly interested in such a card but would like to know more about
it. Especially the power consumption and the size of the antenna and
its look and feel. Since I already own a 12CH GPS in much bigger size I
not really need this smaller one. But 175 USD is about 300CHF, which is
200CHF off the price I've paid two years ago at a much smaller size.

BTW, the GPS is now undisturbed. I've checked it over 4 hours: NO change
in LON and LAT, only ALT oscillated by +/-10m.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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