Re: NTLK GPSMaps (was: Disney Maps??)

From: Doug Fuss (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 10:12:38 CDT

> I'll go to California (SF, LA & SD) and on the way
back I'll have 5 days
> in NY but will probably explore the town only.

Sorry I have no maps of CA and little immediate need
to make any. I have been planning to make a NYC street
map given that I go there frequently. When are you
planning to leave? If you'd like, I can make the map
and send it to you before you leave. My guess is that
you won't be driving in NYC so you may not need it. On
the other hand if you had the PCMCIA GPS you could
carry it around with you and never get lost!

> I've created a GPSmap of the UK including Scotland
but I don't remember
> whether Ireland is on there too. And I've used it to
plan my travel
> routes with GPSmap. It was very good to estimate the
length of the
> planned routes with an error of about -10% (always a
little bit to
> short, because GPSmap takes the straight line
between two points.) For
> us was it anyway very helpful because the output was
in kilometers and
> not in miles :-)
> Of course will I give the map away to anyone who is
interested and I'm
> also willing to include Ireland if it shouldn't be
on there. However, in
> reality there where much more places and streets
then the 3MB map
> showed... or in other words: the 1:1 000 000 scale
is useful to find the
> direction or get the right motorway but not much for
navigation to the
> last mile.

I agree with you. Unless the map has street level
detail it isn't very useful for navigation. The NYC
map above would have street level detail, however. Do
you know where I can get a digital street map of
Ireland with Lat and Long coordinates and scale that I
could convert into a GPSMap?

> I'm slightly interested in such a card but would
like to know more about
> it. Especially the power consumption and the size of
 the antenna and
> its look and feel.

You'll have to contact Premier Electronics for these
specs. I recall reading some several months ago but
don't remember enough to provide you with accurate
info. I am planning to look into it again given this
great price, so if I find out anything I'll let you

ICQ: 63846722
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