Re: NTLK [semi OT] Filesystems specification

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 00:15:36 CDT

Joost wrote:

>On 15-06-2000 23:56, Paul Guyot wrote:
>> I inserted the 16 megs compact flash card in a PowerBook (my
>> Partner's G3), and it only accepted to format it as DOS.
>> I guess I cannot make an Apple partition map to store the Newton
>> stuff, at least with PCMCIA cards. Has anyone here used PCMCIA ATA
>> cards in Apple laptops?
>I suspect he is missing some vital extension(s) or something, because I know
>for a fact that you can start a PowerBook from a Mac formatted ATA Flash
>card (although I haven't tried it personally). You might want to bring up
>this question on the PowerList. Or I could do it for you, if you want.

Would you? Yes please.
The PowerBook is the latest PowerBook G3 (don't know about its name)
with MacOS 9.0.4 US.

Does this mean it is not totally useless to code the Apple Partition map?



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