Re: NTLK Novatel Merlin Wireless Modem

From: Calvin Grier (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 17:30:40 CDT

What I'd like to see on my MP2000+ is the PC Card Modem from Nokia.

My problem is testing this card. It appears it would work in the US and it
also appears that it might work with a Messagepad. But I can't be sure of
either one, and I'm not ready to shell out that much money to try it.

Has anyone in Europe used the CardPhone from Nokia?

>What I've read in earlier messages on this list is that the Merlin sucks
>a lot of juice. According to the specifications, peak power drain on
>this baby is over 800mA which is about 50% more than my 3Com 56k
>cellular/GSM modem at about 480-500mA peak.
>Somebody I know uses the Merlin in a CE device and he says the battery
>life goes from 6 hours to 2 hours with the Merlin in it, pretty drastic.
>Also, I believe CDPD is not voice capable or at least the wireless
>companies don't make it voice capable, you'd have to use a Newton
>equivalent of a IP-Telephone program.

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