Re: NTLK Novatel Merlin Wireless Modem

From: Hai Ng (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 23:08:55 CDT

On 6/16/00 6:30 PM, Calvin Grier said:

>What I'd like to see on my MP2000+ is the PC Card Modem from Nokia.
>My problem is testing this card. It appears it would work in the US and it
>also appears that it might work with a Messagepad. But I can't be sure of
>either one, and I'm not ready to shell out that much money to try it.

Hmmmm, I'm not so sure it will work in the US. The Nokia CardPhone is a
works on the HSCSD system which is a data service layer on top of GSM.

The major GSM provider in the US, VoiceStream (formerly OmniPoint) does
not mention HSCSD support. In addition, you would have to activate your
CardPhone and since Nokia does not sell the CardPhone in the US, that
could be a challenge, especially if the CardPhone does not appear as a
modem (i.e. Merlin) but instead as a NIC (i.e. AirCard 300).

You would need to have it activated in Europe and use it here in roaming
mode, which will cost an arm and a couple of legs.

The other thing is that VoiceStream does charge more for data over GSM
services, I believe it doesn't fall under standard voice packages.

Cellular (GSM,PCS,Analog) can get pretty complicated with its variations,
carriers and pricing plans, make sure you are familiar with them before
buying anything, most carriers have contracts and penalities for breaking
it early.

Best thing to do is to borrow one from a friend, plug it in and try it :)

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