Re: NTLK Considering Newton purchase

From: Hai Ng (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 23:17:33 CDT

On 6/17/00 7:46 AM, Thomas Zimmerman said:

>1. For Starters, I was curious wether you suggest I get one? (Humm, I wonder
>how you might awnser this one.) The main reason I would want it are for
>keeping adresses, Taking notes, Writting emails, maybe doing some limited
>websurfing (checking stocks and headline news), and just generally keeping
>myself organized.

Here, eBay, other auction sites.

I love the Newton and think that it is still the most advanced hand-held
computer in the market but if you are just getting into it, not an Apple
fan, want a low maintenance (read as plenty of commercial and new
software), the Newton may not be for you. It is, afterall, a
discontinued product.

If you know what you're getting into...Welcome to the community :)

>2. Is it possible to sync it to a USB iBook or Power Mac G4? If so, what do
>I need to do so?

Kinda, technically you will need to get a USB to Serial adaptor. I have
not tried it so I'm not sure if it will work.

>3. Are there any plans by anybody to make a way to sync a Newton with a
>computer using Mac OS X without using Classic?

Not that I know of...yet. :)

>4. Is there any way to use wireless internet with the Newton (not airport
>type wireless, but actual wireless.)

Hmmm, airport type wireless is wireless, what do you mean, do you mean

Yes, I use my Newton with a 3Com cellular/GSM capable modem together with
my AT&T
cellular phone (Nokia 6162).

There are other combinations and products/services which will work with
the Newton although not supported by the service providers.

>5. Is there anyway to use an Airport compatible card with a newton?

Not yet. Somebody is working on it though.

>6. What's the difference between the Newton 2100 and 2000? Is it worth the
>extra money?

Yes, 2100 has more internal memory which comes in almost vital if you
want to connect to the Internet.

Most 2000s you find out there should have been upgraded to 2100, so ask
and check before buying.

>7.If I was to get a Newton, what add-on's would you suggest?

Add on? Well, a linear memory card would probably come in handy if you
want to surf the Web. 8Mb or 16Mb is a good start.

>8. Where is the best place to buy a Newton and if you don't have an idea of
>a good place, what would be considered a good deal on a Newton (I'm a high
>school student with not a whole lot of money.)

You will have to buy it used since it is a discontinued product. Watch
this list, eBay, etc.
I haven't checked recently but I believe average price for a 2100 is
about $600.

>9. Any other pieces of advice (Like where I could get software) would be
>greatly appriciated.

Plenty of places on the Internet to get software. Biggest piece of
advice, make sure you know what you're getting into, this ain't no Palm :)

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