NTLK Considering Newton purchase

From: Thomas Zimmerman (thomasz@gol.com)
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 06:46:57 CDT

Hello everyone,
    I am sorry that I don't have any interesting Newton info for you, if
fact I am here to ask you all for some help. I have only used a newton twice
in my life. The first was a newton MP or a 100 (I don't remember). It had
quite a hard time understanding my handwritting, but it was my first contact
with a PDA. The second time was a Newton MP 2000 in Microcenter in Houston,
TX. I was amazed with it's ability to understand all of my handwritting and
I have really bad handwritting. I was so impress with the OS and the product
as a whole that I litterally played with it for an hour while my family was
shopping for our original purpose of going (We ended up buying a umax
scanner and Mac OS 8, just in case you wanted to know. For some reason that
encounter has just stuck in my mind. I was upset when they discontinued the
Newton and ceased considering ever getting it. My brother got a palm III and
I have used that. Then recently, one of my friends just got a Palm V and I
have used that quite a bit to. Now I am at the point were I am looking to
buy a PDA and though I have looked at Palms galore I can't stop thinking of
that experience I had with the 2000 when I was 12 (I'm now 16). I know this
sounds really corny and all, but using the Newton defined what a PDA user
experience should be like for me. so recently I went out looking for an info
that might exsist on these things and I was surprised to find that not only
did people still use them, there was a fairly active community behind them.
Now I have a few questions:

1. For Starters, I was curious wether you suggest I get one? (Humm, I wonder
how you might awnser this one.) The main reason I would want it are for
keeping adresses, Taking notes, Writting emails, maybe doing some limited
websurfing (checking stocks and headline news), and just generally keeping
myself organized.

2. Is it possible to sync it to a USB iBook or Power Mac G4? If so, what do
I need to do so?

3. Are there any plans by anybody to make a way to sync a Newton with a
computer using Mac OS X without using Classic?

4. Is there any way to use wireless internet with the Newton (not airport
type wireless, but actual wireless.)

5. Is there anyway to use an Airport compatible card with a newton?

6. What's the difference between the Newton 2100 and 2000? Is it worth the
extra money?

7.If I was to get a Newton, what add-on's would you suggest?

8. Where is the best place to buy a Newton and if you don't have an idea of
a good place, what would be considered a good deal on a Newton (I'm a high
school student with not a whole lot of money.)

9. Any other pieces of advice (Like where I could get software) would be
greatly appriciated.

Thank you in advance. I am really curious about the prospects of buying a
newton. I am sorry if I have broken any Bulliten board rules, but this is my
first post and I have not yet gotten my first digest. Thank you once again.

                     -Thomas Zimmerman-

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