Re: NTLK Considering Newton purchase

From: Ben Doughney (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 01:26:31 CDT

>1. For Starters, I was curious wether you suggest I get one? (Humm, I wonder
>how you might awnser this one.) The main reason I would want it are for
>keeping adresses, Taking notes, Writting emails, maybe doing some limited
>websurfing (checking stocks and headline news), and just generally keeping
>myself organized.

Yes! definitely. The Newton is a whole lot better than a Palm, the Palm
is only good for storing phone numbers and dates, where the Newton is
basically a whole computer.
     You can surf the internet on it, and because of the screen size, you
can actually see what you are surfing, as well as storing dates,
telephone numbers, send emails, word processing, spreadsheets, play
games, ... the list goes on and on.

>2. Is it possible to sync it to a USB iBook or Power Mac G4? If so, what do
>I need to do so?

You will need a USB to Serial adapter, or an ethernet PCMCIA card for the
Newton. Using NCU (Newton Connection Utitlities) you can download and
upload info from your Newton to your desktop. You can sync your data with
a variety of PIMs.

>6. What's the difference between the Newton 2100 and 2000? Is it worth the
>extra money?

They are basically the same, except the 2100 has some extra heap memory
and some minor bug fixes. There are two types of memory on a newton;
Heap, which is like RAM memory on a desktop computer, and Flash memory,
this works like hard disk memory, and stores all of the programs.

>7.If I was to get a Newton, what add-on's would you suggest?

A keyboard is always usefull for heavy word processing, and a Newton
Dongle is essential. What this does is adapts the Newton interconnect
port to a standard Macintosh style DB-9 plug, so that you can plug it in
to your desktop.
     You can also add extra storage memory by using PCMCIA Linear flash
cards, and perhaps in the near future, much cheaper ATA cards.

>8. Where is the best place to buy a Newton and if you don't have an idea of
>a good place, what would be considered a good deal on a Newton (I'm a high
>school student with not a whole lot of money.)

The best place to get a newton is on this list, or through eBay.

>9. Any other pieces of advice (Like where I could get software) would be
>greatly appriciated.

Ther are several Newton sites where you can download shareware or
freeware software, and new software titles are still being developed
(most of the developers are on this list). You can get all of the Apple
connection software and system updates from these sites as well.

This Ol' Newt:
Newton Resources:

I can't think of any more at the moment, I'm sure someone else will chime
in with some more.

Buy a newton and impress all of you palm using freinds with it!!

Ben Doughney

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