Re: NTLK Considering Newton purchase

From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 06:07:39 CDT

Thomas Zimmerman wrote:
> 1. For Starters, I was curious wether you suggest I get one? ...

Hi Thomas,
to 1.: You're now 16 and studying. Looking back I must say that I would
have been very happy to had have something like a Newton during my
aprenticeship, army time and studies. But at that time the good old
pocket calculator has just been constructed and became affordable. Short
answer: Get a MP2k1 for speed reasons or may be an eMate (price

> 2. Is it possible to sync it to a USB iBook or Power Mac G4?
Avoid the trouble and get an Ethernet card for the MP2k. It's well worth
the money. E.g. a Farallon PN895.
> 3. Are there any plans by anybody to make a way to sync a Newton with a
> computer using Mac OS X without using Classic?
I hope the NCU will run on MacOSX.
> 4. Is there any way to use wireless internet with the Newton (not airport
> type wireless, but actual wireless.)
There are still a few wireless LocalTalk adapters for sale from the
former Dr. Newton. I don't have the URL handy.
> 6. What's the difference between the Newton 2100 and 2000? Is it worth the
> extra money?
Definitly. I went through this step too but payed way to much (400+
> 7.If I was to get a Newton, what add-on's would you suggest?
The keyboard is very useful if you write a lot and if you want to use
more cursive HWR and definitly use cursive German then you should try to
get a german MP2k1. The US models do not recognize the cursive Umlaute
and the german NOS adds the dots automatically, very nice.

> 8. Where is the best place to buy...
I think that you live in Germany, do you?. There is the Mac Magazin
(Michael Hussmann is a NTLK poster and author of many interesting
articles in the MM) with lots of annonces and with Newton hardware for
sale. Then there's the german and the swiss auction page, where during the last few months everytime Newton
hardware was available. Today they have only 3 Newtons, very likely no
MP2k but I've seen up to 6 MP2k's there.
> 9. Any other pieces of advice (Like where I could get software) would be
> greatly appriciated.
I think that you can work without paying one single DEM for sw. Most
important things are free. However, diagram making with QuickFigure
(similar to Excel) would cost about 30USD. Goto:
Then also MoreInfo ( is nice to link
everything you want together as well as another calendar like TimeTrax
( Then DashBoard is also nice to have
( If you study programming such things like
NS Basic, NewtCard and NewtDevEnvrionment would allow you to write
programs with a pen only. Who else can do that w/o Newton?


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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