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From: Wolf Lichtenberger (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 05:06:31 CDT


On Sunday, June 18, 2000, 8:47:16 AM, Joost wrote:
JvdG> Some more info on ATA Flash cards, from a reply to my question on the
JvdG> PowerList:
JvdG> ----------
JvdG> From: Wes Calhoun <>
JvdG> Reply-To: PowerList <>
JvdG> Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 05:24:03 -0400
JvdG> To: PowerList <>
JvdG> Subject: Re: ATA Flash cards
>> I've been doing some research of ATA and linear flash memory PC Cards at work
>> lately. The following link <> is for
>> SanDisk, one of several vendors I have been evaluating.

One thing i just noticed while reading that web page: DOS (FAT) format
may actually be better suited for us Newtonians than Mac HFS(+), because
the capability to handle FAT is IIRC by default included with MacOS (i.e. File
Exchange), but not the other way round (HFS with PCs).
On the ATA card, the file structure won't be that complicated - if i unterstood
Paul Guyot right, just a root directory with a list of 32MB Newt store
files - and long filenames aren't that essential or could be used with
VFAT (although this is an ugly hack).
So, i'm proposing to use (V)FAT instead of HFS.
Paul, what do you think about that?

-- W.Lichtenberger

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