Re: NTLK Auto BrainWipe (Long)

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 10:17:40 CDT

Kenny Song wrote:

> Today, a weird thing happened. When I switched on my MP 2100, it wouldn't wake. I had to remove all power then press reset. When the Newton booted up, I was shocked to find my Internal store totally erased.
> I had the Newt plugged in the night before and the battery was low but I forgot to switch on the mains. I scheduled SimpleMail to auto download mails at 6.00 am. The modem must have totally drained all power.
> I thought "no problem", since I always had on hand a backup of Internal on Card and all my data is stored on my 32 MB Card which remained intact. But no matter how I restart, the Newton keep rebooting halfway through activating packages. I removed the 32 MB Card and the Newt rebooted ok, except my heap was down to 30 K! It was then I realised I also lost my System Update.
> Again "no problem". I have the update in my Powerbook G3, so I plugged in my Farallon Ethernet Card. Error! I have to have the update to use the Card! So it was back to local talk, dongle, dock, update! Phew!
> Once the update was done, my heap was back up at 365K and the Farallon Card is recognized.
> Moral of the story? Make sure you have sufficient battery or at least plug in to the mains (make sure it's on) to avoid the hassle I went through.:-(

Yep! With 2x00 rechargeables becoming so hard and expensive to get, I give them a break whenever I can. So, everytime I'm working on the computer, when I know I won't need to take my 2100 anywhere, I plug it in and remove the battery pack (I know that NiMH don't have the memory effect as worst as NiCad, but I don't take any chance). So, when at 6 it tries to download news
from the Usenet, it's always plugged and I don't waste my precious rechargeables.

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