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Hello Fellow Newtoneers,
Well as they say better late than never. I want to learn how to program packages for Newton. I've been collecting books whenever I saw them here and there for fear that they wouldn't be available in the future. Following is a list of the books that I have and would appreciate some advice on how to best get started.

Newton Programmer's Guide For Newton 2.0
    by Apple Computer, Inc.
Programming For The Newton Using Macintosh
    by McKeehan/Rhodes
Basic for the Newton
    by Schettino/O'Hara
Wireless for the Newton
    by McKeehan/Rhodes
Newton User Interface Guidelines
    by Apple Computer, Inc.
The NewtonScript Programming Language and
Newton Toolkit User's Guide for Windows
    by Apple Computer Inc.
Newton's Law A Digital Nomad's Guide
    by Gore/Ratcliffe

Is there anything that I'm missing? I have all the disks and CD-Roms that came with the books. So all you Newton Programmers out there - have at me and thanks in advance for the help.

PS: Does anyone out there have a copy of Newton's Second Law? I'd be willing to buy. Thanks!!!

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