NTLK [ANN] Fw: eGroup: Newton Messagepad Applications Programming for Beginners

From: Ching Yi Tsai (tsai@mac.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 18:16:24 CDT

I believe that this has not appear on NTLK yet.

Are you an inspired Newton user who wants to become a Newton developer?

For the newbie Newton developers, we are planning very soon to start going
through the book "Programming For The Newton Using Mac" step by step as a
group. The book is available in HTML format, and you can find it in the link
area of the nmap101 website at:


This is not just another mailing list for Newton, but a centralized online
community for the people who are inspired to become a Newton developer. We
are planning to have all resources needed for the developers online, from
files, documentation, links, polls to online chat etc.

So hope to see you there!

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Subject: eGroup: Newton Messagepad Applications Programming for Beginners

> I'd like to do my part in keeping what I consider to be the
> best PDA designed alive and well for years to come, by learning
> programming for the Newton. I am a big-time beginner and have
> decided to (after some discussion with another poster here),
> start a mailing list on eGroups: Newton Messagepad Applications
> Programming for Beginners (NMAP 101). All experience levels are
> welcome to join. The list was primarily created for those who
> like to ask the most elementary questions regarding Newton
> programming, and not to clog up comp.sys,newton.programmer, with
> questions that may seem over-trivial, nor is it supposed to
> eventually be some sort of substitute, if you will. In any
> event,feel free to add to the 1 or 2 messages there ;-)
> Thanks,
> M7
> mach_seven@hotmail.com
> midigroove@mac.com

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