NTLK Ugly Newtons (was Ugly Americans?)

From: THX 1138 (bct1@thestate.infi.net)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 17:42:04 CDT

At 06:05 PM 6/22/00 Khaled Tewfik <khaledt@earthlink.net> quoth:
>Thanks, now, are there any ugly Newtons...

oh yes, there are many ugly newtons.

I just finished up a mod to a very used MP100. I painted it matte black
with a silver apple. Sort of a Wall Street look. It was done because I
wanted something different and couldn't afford a clear newton of any sort.

When I get my scanner, I'll post some pics of it and the process to my page.

ugly, but still very fun and very very cool.



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