Re: NTLK Ugly Americans?

From: Khaled Tewfik (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 10:05:22 CDT

> Can I talk about ugly Frenchmen if I
>> mention the Newton once in a while? Any other nationals out there with a
>> different American stereotype? I'm ugly AND curious!
> Oh, yes, the Newton is such a lovely machine. By the way, Mark Twain had a
> very funny line about the French: "It's human to want to be liked. One can
> even see it in the French."
> A very ugly and curious American.
> Mark
> ;-)

I really do not recall what started this, and I hope we can all go back to
issues relating to our green friend. Any country has its share of good and
bad. In saudi there are booth the ugly and good. I lived in the Stated for 8
years and have seenboth, but I do have good memories of the good and
friendly majority I came to know.

Thanks, now, are there any ugly Newtons...

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