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From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 13:33:43 CDT

>In a message dated 6/23/00 7:53:14 AM,
>In a more serious frame of mind. Many of us in the USA have only vacationed
>with in few thousand miles of our homes. We never leave the US.

        2 things leap to mind:

1) despite the"family values" crapola that politicos here in the US churn
out, smany Euro. countries have much more disposable income per capita
than we do, so travel internationally more often (watching German tourists
learning to canoe for their first time in Canadian wilderness regions, was
my first experience with this :)

2) You can travel "a few thousand miles" in some places in Europe and cross
several countries. Takes a little bigger hop to get out of the US.

I just drove from north central US down to lower Texas; start in the UK and
draw a similar line and see what you cross! Let alone driving from Seattle
(where I'm from) to Texas. We took over a big chunk of turf, here.

Stereotypes about Oklahomans, howerver (my current location) are true :)
We all drive a tiny little surrey with fringes on the top, in between the
clouds left over from the Dust Bowl.

(Even my wife's family in South Africa chortled, and hummed the opening bar
of the Rodgers and Hammerstein "O-klahoma" musical at me/us when we moved
here. sheesh. Talk about warping other cultures...).


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