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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 07:34:44 CDT

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>Every year, we go on holiday to Spain (Benidorm) with our caravans packed
>the brim with hagelslag, peanut butter and potatoes, because we hate foreign
>Half of the population is gay, the other half on drugs. We teach our kids
>smoke marijuana at age 5.
This sounds a lot like Ann Arbor MI.

You Euros think you have it tough. Remember we here in the states have a big
problem with being hypho-American.

Imagine the scorn I recieve being an "Irish-American" It makes me a drunk
potato eating Ugly american.

In my international travels I have always found the Molson Drinking Hockey
fans of the North to be Friendly. They could do away with the silly useless
small size coffee at Tim Hortons. Its like a sip in a cup.

In a more serious frame of mind. Many of us in the USA have only vacationed
with in few thousand miles of our homes. We never leave the US.

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