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From: William Supon (
Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 18:47:26 CDT

on 6/23/00 2:15 PM, Khaled at wrote:

> In Saudi we are all rich, every one has an oil well in his back yard and 6
> cars in the garage (a tent garage that is). Oh, and of course 4 wives for
> every man. We like camels in our homes, they are our favorite pets, and we
> invade other countries in summer for tourism and for lusts not available at
> our country; we spend money left and right in the process. And one more
> thing, we do not consume alcoholic beverages.
Well, actually, all the Americans I know live in 100-story skyscrapers. They
leave them every morning, dressed in their cowboy suits and mount their
horses in order to go to the ranch to work, all the while fighting off the
attacking gangsters in their black limousines...
Bill Supon
just far enough outside Atlanta

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