Re[2]: NTLK E Mate

From: Wolf Lichtenberger (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 09:13:55 CDT


On Friday, June 23, 2000, 7:16:46 PM, Laurent wrote:
LD> Edeward Samayoa wrote:
>> i kinda miss the instructions of using a mic on the e mate? what do i
>> need and where do i buy. can anyone help thanks
LD> Well, the short answer is now: you *can not* use a mic on the eMate,
LD> since there's no mic on it, neither a mic jack.
But: do eMates carry the Sound recording stationary for Notes, too?

LD> So, the only possible alternative would be to get one of those artisanal
LD> audio interconnect port that were made by a few people.
LD> As a lot of people knows, and I guess a lot doesn't know, on MP2x00
LD> and eMate, you need to use this "marvel" of the "interconnect" port
LD> for synching to your computer or install package.
LD> Somebody did some research some time ago and discovered some pins in
LD> the port that were not used but were carrying audio signals.
This is officially documented, if a tad too well hidden in the web (see
a parallel posting).

LD> So, a very few people did offer at various time, an audio adapter
LD> plugging in the interconnect port. Or something like that. However,
LD> there isn't currently anybody building these adapters, since they're
LD> manually built and require a fair amount of time to build :-/
Alas, as well they need one of the elusive, not to say expensive,
interconnect port jacks, which are only sold in packs of 5 or 10, at
around $10 each by some US company that's the sole manufacturer for it.
This i gathered from the web page of one such hobbyist adapter engineer.

-- W.Lichtenberger

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