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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 19:42:51 CDT

On 6/25/00 11:46 AM, Victor Rehorst [] wrote:

>On Sun, Jun 25 2000 Khaled wrote:
>Info Newt updates are getting further and further apart. I'm very wooried
>about loosing my most favorite Newton Site.
>So am I. Bill, do you need help?

Khaled & Victor -

Thanks for your concern and flattering comments. I've just been really
busy and rather unmotivated recently. Sorry! (Now I feel bad....)

I've been meaning to spend some time getting Info-Newt set up to use the service for updates so I can (a) post from anywhere anytime
and (b) allow others to do so (not ANYONE, but a team of people I
select). I just have to get around to setting up the templates and
such. I think most of the problems or issues I was concerned about with
the Blogger service have been resolved now.

I need to do some work on the main page so that it loads faster too, and
that'll be part and parcel of setting up the Blogger templates as well
(factoring more of the standard elements of each page into "includable"
parts.) This can take some time, as I have to check it on various
browsers and plaforms to make sure it works right on all of 'em.

Only problem is finding the time. I was going to do it this Sunday, but
I had to go in to work for 5 hours....still going to try to at least get
an update out, if not get the other work I had wanted to do done.

It's the kind of work that no one can really help me with, alas.

 - Bill

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