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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 22:35:57 CDT

On 6/25/00 8:58 PM, Newton Links [] wrote:

>Here's a suggestion. I'm on the road so I can't try this.
>1. Make a duplicate of Palm Desktop data file.
>2. Change the File Type and Creator code to the same as Claris Organizer
>data file.
>3. Try to sync with NCU.
>I don't know why I didn't think of this before. If it works,

Others already have thought of it. It does work....subject to the
limitations of the Palm Desktop program and the Palm unit (there ARE
some. ESPECIALLY if you're using your Newton's features to the max, such
as outlines, checklist, multiple addresses and other things in Names,
etc, etc. It'd take me a solid week of work to clean up (or rather
CLEAN DOWN) my data in my Newton so that it'd match the limited
capabilities of the Palm/ Palm Desktop so I could attempt synching. And
the checklist and outlines (which I use more than 50% of the time in
Notes) really don't convert acceptably at ALL. Others have reported
general success at doing synching here in the past, although you'll need
to discover ALL the quirks/differences between the various players...make
frequent backups and KEEP THEM ALL. Set the sync so that Newton always
wins. And be prepared to spend some time checking out and cleaning up
your data the first few times.

I really just export in Claris Organizer format occasionally, so I can
file->merge into Palm Desktop in case I ever need to view the data on my
Mac. I have 4 Newtons (upgraded 2000, 2100, 130 and Upgraded OMP/MP100)
so it's not likely I'll ever been newton-less, but it's still nice to
have a backup of the data in a fashion that can be read by another
program besides NCU.

> than a simple
>AppleScript droplet could be used to automate the above process.

Already did the type/creator toggle AppleScript, long ago. Here's a
script that'll toggle back and forth, although as I recall it isn't
really necessary for SYNCHING purposes, and certainly not for File->Merge
purposes (as the Mac's Open dialog box generally filters by file type,
not creator code and those are the same between PD and CO).

on open (flist)
        tell application "Finder"
                repeat with theFile in flist
                        if kind of theFile is not "folder" then
                                if file type of file theFile is "JJJS" then
                                        if creator type of file theFile is "POrg" then
                                                set creator type of file theFile to "YSMT"
                                                set creator type of file theFile to "POrg"
                                        end if
                                end if
                        end if
                end repeat
        end tell
end open

>In fact I
>would guess that an AppleScript could be used to communicate directly with a
>Newton with the proper Scripting extension.

Not that I've ever heard of being done.

 - Bill

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