Re: NTLK Apple Talk & MP120

From: J. van de Griek (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 12:13:48 CDT

On 26-06-2000 17:18, Laurent Daudelin wrote:

> Jeff Eigenraam wrote:
>> I have been trying to connect my Mac with my MP120 and having no luck. When
>> it says looking for macintosh on the newton, it never finds it. I have Apple
>> talk on and set to the modem port, the 120 is using OS 2.0. What am I doing
>> wrong? I would like to put some other programs on the Newton. Thanks, Jeff
> When you say "AppleTalk on and set to the modem port", are you talking about
> the computer modem port? Is so, that's your problem. AppleTalk has always used
> the printer port on all Mac that I know of. So, if you have a serial printer
> connected on the printer port, move it to the modem port, and use the printer
> port as the AppleTalk port. That should work. There is no difference really
> between the modem port and the printer port (when used with a serial printer).
That's just older Macs that can do LocalTalk only through the Printer port.
Newer Macs can use any serial port to connect to a LocalTalk network. I
don't know since which Mac model this is, or if maybe it's a software thing,
but any reasonable modern Mac should be able to connect through the Modem
port. Luckily, Macs and the Mac OS are constructed thusly, that if an option
pops up somewhere, it usually works, too. So if your AppleTalk control panel
gives you a chice to use the Modem port for AppleTalk, it's possible.


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