Re: NTLK Apple Talk & MP120

From: Jeff Eigenraam (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 15:02:20 CDT

on 6/26/00 10:13 AM, J. van de Griek at

> On 26-06-2000 17:18, Laurent Daudelin wrote:
>> Jeff Eigenraam wrote:
>>> I have been trying to connect my Mac with my MP120 and having no luck. When
>>> it says looking for macintosh on the newton, it never finds it. I have
>>> Apple
>>> talk on and set to the modem port, the 120 is using OS 2.0. What am I doing
>>> wrong? I would like to put some other programs on the Newton. Thanks, Jeff
>> When you say "AppleTalk on and set to the modem port", are you talking about
>> the computer modem port? Is so, that's your problem. AppleTalk has always
>> used
>> the printer port on all Mac that I know of. So, if you have a serial printer
>> connected on the printer port, move it to the modem port, and use the printer
>> port as the AppleTalk port. That should work. There is no difference really
>> between the modem port and the printer port (when used with a serial
>> printer).
> That's just older Macs that can do LocalTalk only through the Printer port.
> Newer Macs can use any serial port to connect to a LocalTalk network. I
> don't know since which Mac model this is, or if maybe it's a software thing,
> but any reasonable modern Mac should be able to connect through the Modem
> port. Luckily, Macs and the Mac OS are constructed thusly, that if an option
> pops up somewhere, it usually works, too. So if your AppleTalk control panel
> gives you a chice to use the Modem port for AppleTalk, it's possible.
> ,xtG
> .tsooJ
I've tried it on both ports, same results, and yes in the apple talk control
panel I have printer, modem or ethernet as options. A friend of mine was
telling me that I probably need localtalk boxes in order for this to work,
I always thought you could just plug a printer(serial) cable from one to the
other and it would work. Any thoughts on this? I am using OS 9.0.4 on my
mac, would that have anything to do with this, I know they have dicontinued
a lot of serial support with this OS as I have a serial color quick cam
sitting here that logictech can't (or won't) write drivers for OS 9.
Anyways I digress,

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