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From: FloresJ@pgcdal.com
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 13:34:40 CDT

While trying to keep up with the latest Mac Rumors I came across a
discussion tread where a guy who works
at a printing company received a contract to print new Newton Boxes. He wrote:

"I work for a printer and we just got an order from Apple for new Newton boxes...
I thought they weren't making these things anymore... We are also doing the package for OSX and the MP G4's"

In another post asking frantic Newt-lovers to quit emailing him. (He received hundreds of inquiries about buying one)
he added, "I said Newton, but it looks very different (more like a phone, but with a big [app 4" X 6"] detachable screen). "

Someone else added this url with an apple pda/phone concept: (This is cool!)

Also of interest is the domain registration of "newton-inc.com" by a company called pc strategies. See the story here:

Apple is said to have recently renewed the Newton copyright to and still owns the rights to "newton.com".
And if that's not enough to get your mouth watering, I read a Newton tread a couple of weeks ago on the Ars Technica
open forum where a nameless someone bound by a non-disclosure agreement that Apple has "something new" coming
out this year similar to a PDA but far more powerful. The buzz around is that Apple in not developing a PDA but IS
looking at development of a net-appliance. Hmmm?

This of course could all be speculation, a hoax or just wishful thinking. Personally I think this is the combination of
overactive imaginations and an undying love for our little green friends.
(Would I put my name on the waiting list of this were true? Hell yes!)

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