Re: NTLK OTHER - Aladin Air X interface with the Newton (Scuba Divers will know what I mean)

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 03:12:18 EST

On 3/3/2000 1:05 AM, Ed Kummel [] wrote:

>You know, there was a Newton OEMer that created a
>Newton called the Tarpon. This ruggidized newton was
>waterproof and designed for underwater survey work. I
>believe that it was a Newton 120...I only had it in my
>posession for a week and that was with a pre-beta
>model...(which means that it didn't work yet) They had
>a bunch of "dive" software for this device and touted
>it's versatility extensivly...Sorry I can't remember
>who did the Tarpon...Again, I think the company
>started with a "p"...
>Good Luck...anyone here remember this beast?
>web/gadget guru

Nope, didn't start with a "p". The company you are thinking of was
called Digital Ocean. They also had several other Newton wireless or
ruggedized products, all named after fish (Tarpon, Grouper, etc.) They
have been out of business for a couple of years.

Dave "Dr. Newton" Watson, who occasionally posts here, was an employee.

 - Bill

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