NTLK OTHER - Aladin Air X interface with the Newton (Scuba Divers will know what I mean)

From: Theo Starr (STARR@integral.com.au)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 22:48:36 EST

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Hello Everybody

I have a small question to the Newton Users who are Scuba Divers, own an Aladin Air-X Dive Computer or some other downloadable dive computer and have interfaced that Air-X with their Newton to download the data or their logfile for storage until they find a machine (which is a DOS/Win95-98 based..mmmm) to then evaluate their dive and profile... etc etc

The file itself (I think) is de-limited text and is in a DOS format 8.3 - eg xxxxxxxx.zzz

The file is then processed with the software to show the dive profile, date, time, nitrogen absorbed etc etc

Processing is not an issue but download and storage is.

At present I use a (386-Dos) Laptop but I am travelling and diving around the South Pacific in June and it will be easier to use the Newton to download and store the files until I get back home.


Theo Starr

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