Re: NTLK OTHER - Aladin Air X interface with the Newton (Scuba Divers will know what I mean)

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 08:46:39 EST

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Theo Starr wrote:

> I have a small question to the Newton Users who are Scuba Divers, own
> an Aladin Air-X Dive Computer or some other downloadable dive computer
> and have interfaced that Air-X with their Newton to download the data
> or their logfile for storage until they find a machine (which is a
> DOS/Win95-98 based..mmmm) to then evaluate their dive and profile...
> etc etc
> The file itself (I think) is de-limited text and is in a DOS format
> 8.3 - eg xxxxxxxx.zzz
> Processing is not an issue but download and storage is.
> At present I use a (386-Dos) Laptop but I am travelling and diving
> around the South Pacific in June and it will be easier to use the
> Newton to download and store the files until I get back home.

If you know at what speed the computer communicates at (ie. 9600bps, 8
data bits, one stop bit, no parity, aka 9600 N81) it would be trivial to
write an NSBasic application to store the info and then download it to a
computer later. If you could give me those specs I'd be willing to write

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