NTLK SPAMming individual NewtonTalk Members

From: Gary Moody (gmoody@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 22:29:36 EST

Paul <deep breath>,

I think your product is fine, and I applaud your efforts to help the Newton
community through your work with Bill Davis and Info-Newt.

That said, I do *not* think it's appropriate to mine email addresses from
the NewtonTalk list for direct email commercial purposes (see the attached
email below). Personally, I abhor "SPAM" (unsolicited email pitches for
products and services).

I saw your advertisement on the NewtonTalk list earlier. If I had been
interested, I would have replied to that email. I didn't, because I'm not
interested. The cards you sell, although perfectly fine for their intended
purpose, are too small for my needs. It should have been left there.

We tolerate occasional blanket marketing messages on NewtonTalk because we
recognize the nature of our shrinking community. There are needs of our
members for parts and such that are not readily available anymore.

When OZ started sending messages to NewtonTalk, there was some spirited
discussion on whether or not this should be allowed. OZ was sensitive to
the issue and took it upon himself to limit the number of messages sent to
the list, and we agreed to allow the occasional messages to continue.

Since then, we have been relatively tolerant of occasional messages of a
commercial nature to be sent to the list (not targeted at individual list
members), as long as they were Newton-related. Certainly, you have received
no negative feedback from the message you recently posted to the list
regarding these cards. As I said, *occasional* posting to the list is
acceptable. If the messages were more than weekly occurances, or were not
Newton-related, I have no doubt of the scale of the firestorm, with me
leading the charge.

So, I am politely asking you to cease and desist sending email directly to
me of a commercial nature under the auspices of NewtonTalk via email
addresses mined from the list. In my opinion, you've crossed the line with
this email. This issue concerns me about the security of the active members
of the list from other unsolicited SPAM offers. Thank you for your offer,
but I decline.



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I have avalible Intel 6mb Linear Flash Cards for Newton Message pads
operating OS 2.O and above, which includes the 2000/2100 & eMate. These
cards are all Brand New and Unused and are 100% guaranteed.

I am a subscriber at Newtontalk and have been receiving many emails from
other subscribers, this is how I got your email address. I hope you don't
mind me returning your email but with an offer of extra memory!

I sell them for $35 each and charge a fixed $5 to ship.

If you have any questions or would like to get any of the cards please let
me know.

Best Regards Paul
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