Re: NTLK SPAMming individual NewtonTalk Members

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 00:03:45 EST

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, Gary Moody wrote:

> Paul <deep breath>,
> I think your product is fine, and I applaud your efforts to help the Newton
> community through your work with Bill Davis and Info-Newt.
> That said, I do *not* think it's appropriate to mine email addresses from
> the NewtonTalk list for direct email commercial purposes (see the attached
> email below). Personally, I abhor "SPAM" (unsolicited email pitches for
> products and services).
> I saw your advertisement on the NewtonTalk list earlier. If I had been
> interested, I would have replied to that email. I didn't, because I'm not
> interested. The cards you sell, although perfectly fine for their intended
> purpose, are too small for my needs. It should have been left there.

Ditto. I am looking at buying one of these cards, but since I'm currently
at school and jobless it's kinda hard to scrape together even that much
money (esp. since my BurroPak should be enroute :)

> When OZ started sending messages to NewtonTalk, there was some spirited
> discussion on whether or not this should be allowed. OZ was sensitive to
> the issue and took it upon himself to limit the number of messages sent to
> the list, and we agreed to allow the occasional messages to continue.

Also, OZ set up his own list to which he sends the latest items list

> So, I am politely asking you to cease and desist sending email directly to
> me of a commercial nature under the auspices of NewtonTalk via email
> addresses mined from the list. In my opinion, you've crossed the line with
> this email. This issue concerns me about the security of the active members
> of the list from other unsolicited SPAM offers. Thank you for your offer,
> but I decline.

I agree with Gary. Sending direct messages doesn't make sense - everyone
already has a copy sitting in their inbox. (That being said, I am CCing
this directly to your address, Paul, just so you get the message)

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