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Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 09:50:00 EST

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<<Get the 130, it is worth the extra money.
The 120 OS 2 still is hampered by too little heap space that is why Qualcom
specifically says it will not support 120 OS 2 with their Eudora 1.1 for
Newt. If you plan on checking your email you will want the extra memory to
run programs the 130 offers.
I wondered the same thing too, but I do not regret getting my 130. It is A
LOT more functional than a 120 with OS 2.
I have been using 1.x Machines before, now I do not know what I was doing.
The backlight is a godsend. >>

Okay, as the last defender of the Newton 1.3 OS... (!) does the MP 130 have more memory than a 2mb MP120??

Also, I believe that Aloha's program for the 1.3 OS still is able to get
e-mail from AOL (I may be wrong...!)

...but for the cheap price, compact design (OMP's and 100's), AND if you need
the newton to work as a handy, handwriting-recognizing organizer, the 1.3 OS
are tops!!!

Craig W.
Houston, TExas

P.S. DID I MENTION THAT I SELL Newton OMP-120 1.3OS's?!? ;-)
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