Re: NTLK ZAC: Palm Emulator Questions

From: Brian McEwen (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 16:10:40 EST

>Hi Zac,
>Okay, I have some questions:
No kidding!

wow, thinking of getting in on his IPO??? :)

Everyone seems to be giving this guy a lot of grief; he's asked for
assistance (I think) so if you are willing to help him program, do so in
email, else, why grill him?

Power to him. It might not be a util *I* need, but then 90+ % of the stuff
out there in commercial and shareware Newtonland is not something I need,
either. Even just outlining possible ways to handle an emulator would be
good mental exercise, at worst. Even if he's just thinking out load about
testing his programming skils, that's fine with me too.


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